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Somnis&Hair Coffret for Fine Hair with Volume Package

Somnis&Hair Coffret for Fine Hair with Volume Package

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Somnis&Hair was born from the need to offer a professional quality product suitable for the end user; Knowing how to understand your needs, adapting them to your reality, is our goal and reason for being.

With the use of the best ingredients, active ingredients and fragrances, and a laborious research and production process, Somnis&Hair opens a new dimension of hair care.

Combine two simultaneous actions:
1. Increases the thickness of the fibers.
2. Prevents fibers from joining and clumping.
These actions are carried out by two proteins of plant origin. The first is injected inside the fiber and thickens it. The second forms a film that reduces the cohesion between the fibres.

Volume Shampoo: cleans and adds volume to hair.
Volume Mask: Softens and gives body while thickening hair.
Final Volume Fluid: volume enhancer.

Ingredients: Vegetable protein-silanetriol complex, keratin hydrolyzate and wheat protein.

Directions: Apply shampoo as usual and rinse. Apply the mask, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse. Apply the serum to towel-dried hair. DO NOT RINSE.

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