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Somnis&Hair Coffret Color and Shine for colored hair

Somnis&Hair Coffret Color and Shine for colored hair

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Color and Shine - to enhance the color and shine of colored hair.
Recommended for: all types of colored and highlighted hair.
Dyed hair requires special care to maintain the intensity and brilliance of the color. If you don't use special products to hydrate and give shine to your hair, the color quickly loses brightness and intensity.
Color and shine care products provide hair with protein derivatives, which have a regenerating effect on the hair shaft and cuticle, and also saturate them with oils that form a film on the surface of the hair. This improves the appearance of colored hair and maintains color and shine. Contains active ingredients that protect the strand and hair color: babassu oil, shea butter, keratin hydrolysate, wheat protein hydrolysate.
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