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Collistar Uomo anti-wrinkle filler effect serum - 50 ml

Collistar Uomo anti-wrinkle filler effect serum - 50 ml

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Anti-Wrinkle Serum with Filler Effect • double filler effect • regenerated skin • reduced wrinkles It is not only with the passing of years that skin ages. The causes are multiple and this serum fights them one by one. The result? A complete anti-aging treatment, regenerated skin, reduced wrinkles and a visibly younger appearance thanks to the 'filler' effect of the product. Double filler effect – Inspired by the filling microinjections of hyaluronic acid, the Serum acts as a cosmetic 'filler' thanks to two different substances: • Dehydrated hyaluronic acid microspheres: once penetrated into the skin, they absorb skin moisture and swell, filling the furrow of wrinkles. • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: has the ability to penetrate and diffuse into the skin tissues, exerting a filling action from the inside. In this way, wrinkles are smoothed out and the face acquires a natural smoothness. Over time, this highly targeted and ultra-effective anti-aging treatment regenerates skin tissues and fights the causes of male skin aging, thanks to an absolutely cutting-edge formula with retinol, plant stem cells and vitamin E. It can be used alone or combined with other anti-aging products from the line for a greater comfort effect or to enhance their effects. Ideal in the morning, it can represent a 24-hour anti-aging antidote.
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