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Collistar Man Micro Anti-Pimple Gel With Antibacterial - 15 ml

Collistar Man Micro Anti-Pimple Gel With Antibacterial - 15 ml

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Light and transparent, it is the treatment that helps prevent pimples and promotes their disappearance. Formulated with a proven blend of antibacterial and skin-purifying active ingredients, it works quickly and effectively. Its particular texture creates an invisible protective and insulating film that retains the active ingredients ensuring a targeted, intense and long-lasting action. Practical and easy to use, it is perfect both in an emergency as a 'first aid' for pimples, as well as a treatment to purify pores and prevent skin rashes. It is recommended to apply it already at the first symptoms of pimple formation. corrective treatment that prevents blackheads and promotes their disappearance, purifying and antibacterial thanks to plant extracts, insulating and protective film for a specific action
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