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Collistar Regenerating Detoxifying Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream for Men - 50 ml

Collistar Regenerating Detoxifying Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream for Men - 50 ml

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Collistar man regenerating night cream (detoxifying anti-wrinkle) An absolute novelty for men. A cream designed specifically for the night: you put it on in the evening and in the morning your face is regenerated, ready for a perfect shave. • The power of the night - During the day, the skin must defend itself from external aggressions. At night, however, it recharges with energy and is particularly receptive to cosmetic treatments. • A super nocturnal elixir - The result of in-depth research, this cream contains two futuristic active ingredients extracted from the sea, which enhance the skin's nocturnal regeneration and repair mechanisms. • Regenerates and fights wrinkles - Extracted from an algae that adapts its vital rhythm to the light/dark alternation, Chronodyn® is a powerful chronobiological cellular regenerator that stimulates the nocturnal synthesis of ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate), the key molecule in the production of energy of the skin cell. • Repairs and detoxifies - An innovative phyto-plankton extract stimulates the activity of 'proteasomes', enzymes that repair damage due to external aggressions and free radicals and eliminate toxins accumulated during the day. • Hydrates, nourishes and strengthens - The formula is enriched with a trio of revitalizing vitamins (B5, E, PP) and with hyaluronic acid and argan oil which guarantee a perfect hydrolipidic balance, essential for soft, elastic and smooth skin. • Ultra-fast absorption.
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