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Collistar Men's Line Hydro-Gel Aftershave Fresh Effect - 100 ml

Collistar Men's Line Hydro-Gel Aftershave Fresh Effect - 100 ml

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Collistar Men's Treatment Linea Uomo Hydro-Gel Aftershave Fresh Effect 100ML pack plus free daily anti-wrinkle cream

Hydro-Gel Aftershave Fresh Effect with vitamins A - B6 - E

Very fresh and immediately absorbed, this aftershave gel gives the face an intense sensation of freshness and well-being and at the same time tones and gives softness to the skin.
Thanks to the combination of chamomile extract with blueberry and hawthorn extracts, vasoprotective and anti-redness, it prevents and calms post-shaving irritation. The presence of a menthol derivative accentuates and prolongs the freshness effect of the product over time. Its formula with vitamins and hyaluronic acid hydrates, protects and gives vitality to the face. Used regularly, it helps to soften the hair and reduce irritability of the skin to the razor, making shaving easier.
Contains : hyaluronic acid, allantoin, chamomile, hawthorn and blueberry extracts, menthyl lactate, vitamins A, B6, E. Slightly alcoholic

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