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Cacharel Amor Amor - 30 ml

Cacharel Amor Amor - 30 ml

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Cacharel Amor Amor Women's Perfume 30ML pack

Electric atmosphere for your appointments? Longing for a romantic encounter that will bring you the adventure you desire? To answer these questions, Amor Amor was born. From the French genius of Laurent Bruyère an intricate, entirely oriental and tropical exploit takes shape: mandarin, blood orange, pink grapefruit are just the main notes of a perfume so refined that it finds its true roots in Indonesia. Are you surprised? You will no longer be if you are sensitive enough to perceive the flowers of Malati, an Indonesian plant closely related to the jasmine family. Sandalwood and white musk close this fabulous circle for a fragrance that has been on the market since 2003.

Composition of the perfume
In the fragrant composition of this elixir of love you will first of all feel the rich tones of pink grapefruit, blood orange and mandarin. The magical scent of fruit then mixes with a swirl of flowers in the form of aromatic jasmine complemented by fresh apricots, which you can smell immediately. Finally, your senses will be delighted by the warm and sweet vanilla.

mandarin, orange, blackcurrant leaves, bergamot, blackcurrant
Heart notes: usually develop after a few minutes, after the top notes have faded. They normally persist for 2-3 hours.
lily of the valley, rose, jasmine, lily, apricot
Base Notes: This is the last and longest phase of the perfume. They persist for about 4 hours, sometimes for the whole day.
amber, musk, vanilla, Virginia cedar, tonka beans

Type of perfume fruity perfumes, flowery perfumes

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